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When you book any photo session with me, you are agreeing to my terms of business. So please make sure you have read and understood all the information on this page.


Please contact me directly using my 'CONTACT ME' section if you need a quote or more information on photoshoot packages as i'm currently updating prices for 2012.


These are my terms of business for photographing/shooting your modelling portfolio (Not applicable for Wedding and Event Photography). Please ensure that you read this thoroughly and contact me directly if you require clarification about of any of them. Please note that when I receive a booking for portfolios it is assumed that you have read and understood these 'TERMS OF BUSINESS'. If you would like to discuss any of these points or for further information, please contact me via my 'CONTACT ME' section of my website.

(1) RELEASE FORMS - All models are required to sign a Model Release form, and to confirm that they are at least 18 years of age.

(2) UNDER AGE MODELS / MINORS - Models under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. No photography or meetings can take place if a parent or guardian is not present. The parent or guardian will be required to sign a model release on the model's behalf.

(3) PAYMENT - All portfolio packages are to paid for in advance, by cheque, bank transfer or via Paypal, into my business bank account. You will receive confirmation of receipt of your payment and a firm booking for your session when I have received your payment. It is adviseable to book at least 6 weeks in advance to avoid disappointment.

(4) TFP SHOOTS - A deposit of £25 is payable to us on all my TFP/Free shoot sessions - I have had to enforce this to ensure that models turn up for the free sessions they book and to discourage any flakes and no-shows - if you do not attend the free session you book without cancelling the session with written notice more than 24 hours before the scheduled date of your meeting, the deposit will NOT be returned to you. To make it clear: YOU MUST CONTACT ME DIRECTLY TO CANCEL A TFP/FREE SHOOT SESSION AT LEAST 24 HOURS BEFORE THE DATE AND TIME OF THE SHOOT.

(5) CLIENT CANCELLATION - As long as you give adequate notice in writing - NO LESS THAN seven working days before the planned date of a PORTFOLIO PACKAGE - you can cancel a shoot that you have paid for and receive a refund of the money you have paid, minus any expenses incurred on your behalf, or any surcharges imposed upon me by my suppliers for cancellation of bookings. If you cancel with less than seven days' notice, the amount of your refund will be at my discretion and dependent on costs incurred on your behalf, up to the time of your cancellation. No refunds are possible on cancelations of less than 24 hours' notice. If you choose to POSTPONE a shoot at less than 48 hours' notice, some additional fees may be payable - for example, payment for a make-up artist/stylist who has been booked for your shoot.

(6) POSTPONED BOOKINGS - If you should book and pay for a session and then for any reason indefinitely postpone the session, no refund of your payment is possible if you do not set a date for the session and complete the photography within 3 months of making your original payment. You must give written notice within 3 months of making your original payment if you intend to cancel the booking.

(7) USAGE OF PHOTOGRAPHS - When you arrange either a TFP shoot with me or one of my portfolio packages, you will acknowledge that I am entitled to use any photographs from your session for the purposes of promoting my own work (full details on signed release form), for example, in the PHOTOGRAPHY gallery of this site, or on any 3rd party directories / sites / publications, for the purpose of promoting my business. Photographs will not be sold to 3rd parties without a fee being agreed with the model. If you supply copies of the photographs from your shoot to model agencies, it is your responsibility to make the agency aware that I reserve my right to be credited for the photography.

(8) RETOUCHING - Retouching is done in house and at my discretion and you will NOT have the opportunity to review the retouched images before the final images are produced, with exceptions. If you DO want to review the retouching before the final prints are produced, you should inform me on the day of your shoot - please note that there will be an additional cost for this (normally 20% of the cost of producing the prints). If you are uncertain about picture choice, retouching, or any other aspect of producing the images you need for your portfolio, you should arrange a subsequent session to do this.

(9) DELIVERY - As soon as I have received feedback from you on the images you would like retouched, I will give you an approximate timetable for the retouching and delivery of your prints. This will be carried out as soon as possible, but you should make allowances for busy periods in my schedule and postal delivery time. I will inform you of the likely delivery date for your photographs on the day of the photoshoot.

(10) COPYRIGHT - As detailed in the FAQs above, copyright of any images produced for your portfolio remains with LAW CEFRE PHOTOGRAPHY / CEFRE CREATIVE / WWW.CEFRE.COM.

(11) REFUNDS - No refunds are possible after the date of the shoot, or after any 3rd party stylists have attended a shoot on your behalf, for any reason. You will have been given the opportunity to review your shots, make-up and hair in the session - so there should be no reason for you to question any of these after the date of the shoot. In exceptional circumstances, where image files become corrupted and / or unusable, or where the image files are unusable because of an error on my part during the disc's burning or transit, and where the original files are no longer in existence, I may be able to offer you a brief studio session free of charge to produce replacement images for your portfolio. No claims for monies or refunds or additional work time will be considered, or for any reason due to acts of God, or circumstances beyond my control eg. postal strikes, theft of materials in transit, power cuts, equipment failure or malfunction, etc etc. No refund of your payment is possible on postponed shoots if you do not set a date for the session and complete the photography within 3 months of making your original payment. You must give notice within 3 months of making your original payment if you intend to cancel the booking.